Heartbeat is an app designed with the church in mind.

It serves as a central point of reference to those who are part of the congregation and outside of it.

As our generation has grown increasingly accustomed to modern technologies such as smartphones and tablets, we have developed a solution that caters to the multimedia needs of the church.

The solution is mainly twofold;

HeartBeat App

This serves the user directly with content uploaded via MediaBase


MediaBase Software

This serves the administrators of the app and allows them to manage the content of the app including uploaded media (sermon audio and video).

In addition, a custom built PC with 3 DVD drives was built which allowed the convenient burning of multiple CDs simultaneously at the same time from within MediaBase.

HeartBeat Features

The app currently features the following

Listen to seminars

Seminars made available through MediaBase can be listened to via HeartBeat. Any paid seminars can be monetized with your own In App Purchases.

Watch Videos

Video made available through MediaBase can be watched via HeartBeat. Any paid videos can be monetized with your own In App Purchases.

Use Offline Without Internet

Any seminars and videos can be downloaded (and with wifi) for consumption offline. This helps with saving network bandwidth

MediaBase Features

This project has grown tremendously since it began a few years ago. It began as a software for the management of sermon audio allowing an admin to do the following:-

Add Newly Detected Audio Files

Allow for users to add new audio files detected in a watched folder. During the add process, details should be added such as date, time, speaker name, title, occasion and other references and comments

Manage Existing Seminars

Allow for users to change details for any seminars, play/preview, delete and other tasks such as burn disks and generate labels. Seminars can also be set as free or paid with a price.

Burn Seminar Audio Disks

Allow for users to burn seminars to multiple disks simultaneously (or different seminars to different disk drives installed on PC), formatted as CD Audio

Generate CD Labels

Generate CD labels for printing onto any disks. CD labels are pre-populated with seminar info such as date, time, speaker  name and title within a pre-designed template

Sync Database Data

Sync data with online database to collaborate with other users managing the database

Upload Seminars to Audio Streaming App

Sync any seminars to the accompanying app for end users to consume

This project is growing and features are constantly being added to both MediaBase and HeartBeat.

Does your church need an app?

We would like to extend all that the heartbeat project offers to other churches and make the heartbeat project expand beyond its already successful use within the Potter's House South London church. The app is not only in use within this congregation but by users worldwide.

If you would like your church to benefit from the heartbeat project or have any questions, send us an email at:-

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